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My hubby – that wonderful awesome man that I can’t live without – bought me a micro-fridge/freezer/microwave combination for my office.  In over 27 years in business, it’s the first time I’ve had a sort of break room.

Now, you might think, “Why does she need that? Can’t she just go downstairs and grab a bite?”  The problem is, I don’t. I get busy with some tasks and before you know it, it’s lunchtime. Then I get busy again, and forget to eat again. That’s not good for me – or anyone really. When you forget to eat, it messes up your sugars, it stresses the body, and drives Meniere’s disease crazy, which means more dizzy days for me. Plus, I’m taking tinctures and other herbs for pain throughout the day, and I should eat more regularly.

So, I’ve stocked my fridge with a few eggs, some frozen hashbrowns, some chopped-up veggies, low-sodium everything, and so on. I’m thrilled with the setup, I’m able to fix myself a little soup that is healthy, low sodium, and low fat. My energy is up, and my concentration is much better than before. (I keep Pepsi for the once-in-a-while jolt). So, for me, it’s working.  Oh, and everything is micro-sized – except the microwave popcorn bowl – I got the biggest one I could fit in the microwave lol!

Here’s my setup. In the “micro kitchen,” I have the fridge/freezer/microwave and the cutest tiny little electric skillet with some small dishes, and spices.

In the bath (next to the sink I have the coffee station – close to the water. I couldn’t be happier with everything and am so very thankful to have the best office I’ve ever had in 27 years.

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