Loving my chaotic life

I’m deliciously organized. Chronically. 🙂  we have a bunch of activities we like and each one has a place.

I am also living with several ongoing conditions such as chronic abdominal pain that is now intractable, Meniere’s disease, thyroid issues, poor vision, hearing loss, and more.  I keep busy in order to distract myself from pain.

Things I can’t stand:

  • Bullying
  • Lying
  • Stereotyping
  • Living with pain
  • vertigo
  • cancer (I have a family member living with it)
  • Scams and hacking
  • MSG
  • spam calls and emails
  • and more, but I won’t list them here.

This blog is my own, to journal, to share articles, and to invite discussion. I hope you enjoy it.

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Wife, Mom of 3 (Including Steps), Grandma to 6, Mom to Doxies, Virtual Assistant, Photographer, Herbalist.

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